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2018 Endings. Brave – Compassionate – Generous

December 6, 2018

As we come to the close of 2018, reflections naturally linger over us.
How did we impact this wild and beautifully broken city of ours? What were the hallmarks of this year, and did we enrich, and were we generous? I hope you enjoy this little end of year update, and that you can see your place in the
story. Truly, this little work of love is a BIG expression for us all!

We have served hard, and will continue to do so.
We have loved deeply, and will continue to do so.
And we have been brave, and will continue to courageously say yes, and agree to show love in the darkest spaces. I am profoundly proud of the thousands of volunteers who said yes with us, and prouder still of our staff and lead volunteers who do so week after week.

Let’s see what we have been up to together:

As we have done so for 15 years, we continue to offer services, community and care to hundreds of guests every Thursday at Night Strike. Our platform under the bridge also serves as a place where literally thousands of people have gathered to express love to their neighbors, choosing to look through the surface to a see a deeper truth within…we all matter and are worthy of being seen, and loved. There’s something beautifully redemptive in that simple truth, and we are so grateful to continue to carry that message under the Burnside Bridge into 2019. A movement indeed!

We are especially excited about an opportunity to partner with University of Portland students to actualize a dream for shower services to come to Night Strike. Will you join us in believing for the pieces to come together for the students, school and partners needed to make this happen in 2019?

Students and young adults have always been a part of our mission and work, both through Internships and as a part of our Transformation Trips. We are grateful to have had a dedicated year long intern this year, and encouraged to see hundreds of young people participate in our Transformation Trips. After 15 years, you can imagine how encouraging it is to hear stories of how some have served as an intern or on a TTrip in years past, and are now fashioning the culture of their own homes, families and communities – all based on a compassionate paradigm they learned from us!

A highlight from this summer was the addition of our 4th BTown Kids site! In partnership with local schools and local churches, Parklane was successfully launched and was well attended. It was amazing to see how groups can work collaboratively to envision their own approaches to support kids and families! We were able to bring 60 kids to BTK Summer Camp, including 12 Jr. leaders who have grown up attending BTown Kids. These teenagers were giving back in significant ways to their younger peers and community members.

First Door was a strong and robust presence through 2018, addressing literacy gaps and supporting school efforts in education, as they brought community and place for 30 elementary kiddos on a daily basis. These programs will continue to be lights in their North and Northeast Portland communities into 2019.

Your support is crucial, because intentional compassion and generosity whisper of hope, and isn’t this our greatest need? Please play a role in this work with us!

To volunteer at Night Strike, BTown Kids or First Door, link here, and be part of the story in 2019!

If you are planning a year end gift to help us launch into 2019,  thank you!

Access our giving page here.

If you plan to serve with us, you re very welcome!

If you pray, thank you!

We are grateful, and in this season, especially, we remember, we are here for a scandalous and outrageous purpose – to



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