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November 22, 2017 Uncategorized

Thanks for checking in!

Every year we host 47 Night Strikes. Over 7000 people are served through our ongoing services, and we can not do that without dedicated, consistent volunteers.

Because PEOPLE are our first love, we value the time we spend with friends and family as rejuvenating and life giving just as much as serving our friends at Night Strike.

And, because so many other groups step up to provide Thanksgiving love to our guests, we have decided to give our volunteers the opportunity to stay home on Thanksgiving.

We will be back next week, November 30 for more love under the bridge!


October 30, 2017 Uncategorized

Hello friends!

It’s official, FALL is here! Pumpkins are everywhere – at the grocery store, on your doorstep, on your plate and in your cup!!! Around BPM, it’s time to focus on our next GREAT BIG THANKSGIVING BASKET GIVE AWAY! It’s one of our favorite one day events we do for our beautiful BTown Kids families.

Every year, BPM comes along side literally hundreds people by providing a thanksgiving meal in a basket to over 150 BTown Kids families! Our simple desire is to eliminate the barrier that poverty places before families, who want to bring those they love around the table, to share a meal, to encourage togetherness, oneness and wholeness. As we do this, we are providing a nutritious, soul reaching meal to up to 1000 folks in the margin, including close to 800 children.

We have wonderful partners who come along side every year, but there are still many ways to be involved…

We would love to provide a volunteer opportunity for you on NOVEMBER 18, from 9:30AM-2PM, to put together and deliver these amazing gifts.

Maybe you can not join us, but you may want to help provide a basket for a family – full baskets cost about $80 to complete.

Or maybe you would like to put a basket together but would like us to deliver it for you…

Or maybe, you just want to help us fulfill one element for each basket – maybe the laundry hamper, or the table centerpiece…

You can do this or any of the above by clicking on this link:

2017 BTown Kids Thanksgiving Baskets!

Once we hear from you, we’ll send more information your way!

Happy Thanksgiving Season, and lest we forget…


July 30, 2017 News

We would like to thank you for your continued support of our work toPut Hope Within Reach, Because People Matter!  This year has been one of growth and development for us. Here is a quick update on the great things happening with our core programs, Night Strike, BTown Kids and First Door.

Night Strike continues to shine light in the darkest spaces. It is here each week where our guests know that they will see a familiar face, a welcoming smile, and a little rest in an otherwise weary world.

We are grateful that our volunteer base remains robust and flourishing with many new additions to our volunteer staff!  Fresh faces bring energy and life to us, and we are humbled by the shows of compassion among them.

We are in our 15th year of serving Portland’s vulnerable population, and invite you to help us keep this program thriving by joining us any Thursday throughout the year.  You can also join our sustaining giving program, Night Strike Tribeat $25 per month. Your company or church can also sponsor a Night Strike for $800.  Every bit helps us continue to bring volunteers under the Burnside Bridge to love on people!

Partners like Medical Teams International, local doctors and nurses, and many businesses have joined us, offering professional services to remind the people we serve that they matter. And, so far this year we have been graced with 6 different restaurants committed to catering a meal under the bridge!  Two different restaurants serve monthly, while others see the benefit to teach benevolence to their employees through a one-time project. We are grateful to these amazing restaurants that have stepped in and stepped up!


CLICK here to learn more about and/or support Night Strike,

BTown Kids is off and running!

Our BTown Kids sites have grown so much this summer – both in the number of students and families we serve, as well as the volunteer teams who show up Saturday after Saturday to serve their own community. This growth has been a constant source of encouragement. Our team has  inspired us to continue our presence in these communities, while also looking to other parts of our city to start new sites and further increase our impact.

Davis Elementary, our newest BTown Kids site, has strengthened our vision as a BTown Kids team. As we see the power of having both school leadership and local church involvement. At this site it is both the families we serve, and the volunteers serving, that are being renewed and transformed by their time at BTown Kids. It is our hope to continue coming along side the existing strengths of a community while providing a platform for partnerships and collaboration to emerge.
CLICK here to learn more about and/or support BTown Kids.

BTown Kids CAMP at 5Rock Ranch is coming up August 6-8.  It is a memorable experience, often a first for many of the children we work with.  There is no charge to the family for the child to attend.  Would you consider sponsoring a child to attend camp this year? It is $150 per child.
Click here to support: BTown Kids CAMP

First Door After School Program

Our First Door environment wrapped up the school year in June, celebrating the promotion of 20 fifth grade students to middle school. It was bittersweet to pause and recognize their final days with us at Homework Club — we will certainly miss these amazing young leaders but we are excited to cheer them on as they begin this new chapter! What an honor it is to walk alongside students as they begin to embrace and understand themselves as uniquely gifted individuals!

Since then, we have launched into a new rhythm of First Door Summer Club! This years theme is to “Think Big” as we explore concepts outside of our day to day scope — How many humans live in our world? How big is a great blue whale? How far away is Jupiter? As we explore the answers to these questions, our hope to instill a sense of awe and cultivate a posture of curiosity. For many of our students, First Door is one of the only spaces that learning is truly celebrated. This past week a student joined us for the first time and at the end of the day she had a perplexed look on her face. When I asked her what was wrong, she looked up and said “I just can’t believe this is actually fun!” We hope this is the experience of many kids this summer!
CLICK to Learn more about and support our First Door program.



June 22, 2017 News

We had a couple of awesome experiences this week, and wanted to share them with you!

After a wonderful spring season, Our summer Transformation Trips are up and going, and last week we hosted a group from Chico, CA. Part of their experience is to serve in the community, and this time we had the privilege of serving with Transitional Youth, specifically with their “Braking Cycles” outreach effort. The kids worked together to begin to lay a beautiful, extraordinary penny floor. Pennies are significant in how they are often passed over, and how they are often considered to have such little value. They represent an opinion often projected to young street kids. At the new Braking Cycles, coffee and bike repair shop, kids will have the opportunity to learn some vocational skills while literally breaking destructive patterns in their lives!

We LOVE the work of Transitional Youth!

This week, another partner org, Medical Teams International, received some wonderful news press. They were highlighted in their efforts to serve Portland’s most marginalized people at Night Strike – setting people free from things that would drive anyone to addiction. (Have you lived for more than a few days with a throbbing toothache, with no pain meds?…) . We are grateful to have such wonderful resources available to the ones we love and serve!

We love the work of Medical Teams International!

Here’s the news video!


May 26, 2017 NewsUncategorized

We love Portland!

We don’t love having to cancel Night Strike…

Unfortunately, when the Navy ships are in, our sweet little space is used up and unavailable for our services.

We will be suspending Night Strike services for JUNE 1.

On JUNE 8, we will be gathering and performing walk abouts – passing out sandwiches and drinks to those who may need it. You are welcome to join us.

Please reach out if you plan to attend June 8 – email us at


May 16, 2017 News

Having the opportunity to invest in the lives of littles is not something we take lightly. Expanding the learning capacity, and reinforcing a love for learning is a high priority for us, and we love it when others come along side and show some love!

First Door is our after school homework club for elementary aged children. We are grateful for leadership who love well, and who are interested in the least of these. The little ones participating in First Door benefit from the best teachers, and others, who give them one-on-one attention as they develop solid literacy and math skills. If you would like to volunteer to tutor, please reach out!

BPM focuses on Mobilization, Relief, & Transformation for populations in the margins, Because People Matter.