Transformation Trips

City Serve


Cost: $45 per participant. Cost includes all learning environment materials, food, housing, staffing, and BPM t-shirt.

Please print and fill out the medical form.


*Please note the following schedule/activities are subject to change at the discretion of BridgeTown Inc. staff.

One Day Activities

(Elements vary but include some of the following)

Service Project: Students apply compassion through action by engaging in service projects around town. Projects include activities like graffiti removal or basic maintenance at BTown Kids apartment complexes (sweeping doorways, painting red curbs, etc.). Youth learn that compassionate actions aren’t necessarily grandiose in size, but that even small acts can have a huge impact.

Walk Abouts: Students travel to outlying areas within the city core to seek understanding and renewed perception through relationship. Groups take basic items such as food, coffee, and socks to those living on the streets and are encouraged to learn the names and stories of the people they meet.

Recap: Students are engaged in an open discussion going back over their experiences and applying them where they live. Groups are reminded they have a choice to come and learn; upon returning home, how they choose to live will illustrate how they’ve chosen to respond to what they’ve learned. Students are encouraged to understand that they have within them the power to change their own environments.

BPM focuses on Mobilization, Relief, & Transformation for populations in the margins, Because People Matter.