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Spring Appeal

April 16, 2018

Dear Friend,

When I was a child, and I brought my complaints to my mother, she would often use the phrase, “Walk a mile in their shoes”.  This exercise in empathy became fundamental in building the spirit that is at the core of Because People Matter, and all of the work we currently do in Portland.

Imagine if you were in the margins today… maybe you lost your job and debt has finally caught up with you and there has not been decent food on your table in a while now, or for some reason or another, your friends have stopped talking to you and you feel isolated and alone. Could you sense the feeling in your gut when you see an eviction notice stuck to your door? These are the real life stories of many of the people we serve at Night Strike and in our BTown Kids & First Door communities.  Circumstances do not always line up and turmoil and unrest seem to be constant companions. For some, catching a break is often an elusive pipe dream.

Let’s walk a mile in their shoes together…As you close your eyes and imagine how you might feel, it’s easy to see why Night Strike, BTown Kids & First Door are so important in the communities they serve. They are each a little “Work of Love” that brings a BIG dose of hope to souls who are worn thin.

Community, services, care, listening ears, youthful hope & energy are our offerings, and what makes us different from many other services available.  Not only are we meeting very real needs – we are connecting at an emotional, heartfelt level. Encouraging spirits, instilling a little faith in the world, and allowing love to be tangible and real.

As a BPM supporter, you’ve helped create these programs that are a catalyst for change in the lives of many in the margins. Whether the child with little or no support overcoming deficits, or the lonely person on the streets, or even the volunteers who bring the humanity to our programs, you encourage lives to be lived with more generosity, compassion and gratitude.

Your contributions keep BPM going strong – now and into the future, and we have some Great News! Thanks to a generous donor, every gift made to this Spring Appeal – up to $5,000, will be matched dollar for dollar! Will you respond, and help make this match a reality?

You can give a one-time ‘Spring Appeal’ contribution, or choose to setup an ongoing monthly gift. If you are not already a part of our sustaining donor base, we invite you to become part of this special community by setting up this recurring donation from your bank account or credit card.

We are grateful for all of you! You are the ones who allow us to Love People Because People Matter – come and serve with us soon!

BPM focuses on Mobilization, Relief, & Transformation for populations in the margins, Because People Matter.