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Summer 2018 Update

August 18, 2018


Wasn’t it just 2 days ago that we were looking into the beckoning eyes of summer – and now, here we are nearing the other side – pumpkin lattes around the corner, and the anticipation of back to school pressing in. Time flies when you’re having fun…that’s what they say.  Well, time flew here!

It’s been a great summer, as we’ve seen so many stories continue to unfurl. The humanitarian nonprofit world is first and foremost about people, and it’s easy to forget that all of this began as ‘A Little Work of Love’ so many years ago, and now we are in our 14th year answering the calling to Love People, Because People Matter. We continue to be deeply grateful for the support and engagement from you, and wanted to share a few updates on our summer programs, along with a couple of anecdotal stories from fellow supporters….

Facebook Post
“Sending socks because I’m just glad to still be able to help where and when I can. The ministry you’re doing has changed my outlook not only on the homeless but also of life.
Thank you, and God bless.”    – Ashley W.

We are continually inspired by the generosity of support, and love when we see expressions of impact, both among those we serve and our supporters. In fact, in a recent meeting at a local coffee shop with one of our BPM supporters, I noticed one of our “Loving People Because People Matter” bracelets being proudly worn. When I asked him why he wears it, he said, “It’s a visible daily reminder to love the other; a starting point for every person I talk with.” This really shows me that it all begins within each of us, and the posture we take in our daily lives.

I’m glad that our little work of love is touching lives in coffee shops and on social media, just as it does under the bridge every Thursday night, and in parks over the summer months.  I hope to see you at one of our environments soon, leaning in and reaching out to show compassion, letting your light shine!


“Saturdays at BTown Kids fosters a feeling of belonging and acceptance.”

This summer, BTown Kids saw the launch of a 4th site out in the Rockwood neighborhood! It was delightful to see the community there being intentional to see and love their neighbors!
At another site in NE Portland, a volunteer told me how he had been encouraged to serve with us by a BTown momma. She told him that she felt her children were safe from agendas and free to learn and grow. In fact, at BTown Kids, we have 3 agendas…  That every child feels they are KNOWN, that they know they MATTER, and above all, that they are LOVED! I’m so glad this volunteer came to see and get behind these agendas, and that our BTown mommas feel safe among us!


“Serving as a volunteer is an expression of the soul”

We endeavor in the belief that the need of the volunteer is just as important as the need of the recipient of our program’s services.  Over the years Because People Matter has mobilized over 25,000 volunteers to give of themselves, and infuse hope and compassion in the hearts and minds of thousands in the Portland area.



Throughout the summer, at BTown Kids and at camp, we encouraged our kiddos to explore the many ways that we can be BRAVE in our lives!
Believe in themselves
Rise Up
Accept the challenge
Vanquish fear
Enjoy the ride!
At camp we learned about the faith asset and how we can be BRAVE in our faith as well! 62 children joined us, including 11 Jr Leaders who have grown up coming to BTown Kids as littles, and who want to go deeper now in their own communities!


A Big Thank You to the generous donors who sponsored these awesome kiddos!


Did you know that your Amazon purchases can support our work at
Because People Matter?  
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Recently, one of our Night Strike guests was very outwardly upset, remarking about feeling mistreated. One of our volunteer leads did not hesitate, and turned to speak to him, addressing him by name, asking him what it was that upset him. She could hear that what he really needed was help washing his hands, as he was unable to do so by himself due to an injury. She lead him to our hand washing station and took time to lather, rinse and gently dry the gentleman’s hand, all the while speaking to him with warmth and dignity, as though he were a friend, and one could plainly see that his tension and his demeanor was softening and opening up.

It is this kind of interaction that we encourage, and see often during our Night Strike program, which has the capacity to transform hearts and to lay bear for all to see, our shared humanity and our common needs. To be seen, to be engaged with, to feel a sense of dignity and worth, and to be known.

 Your support means the world to us!

Save the Date!

Saturday, October 27 2018. –  5:00 p.m.

Your participation in our Gala will ensure that our programs continue to love and serve people.  Because you are so familiar with our work, you know that it takes both participation and money to sustain and grow our work.  Therefore, we ask that you Help Us SELL OUT this year’s ‘What If?’ Gala & Auction.  It will be tons of fun with lots of exciting auction items on which to bid!

Here are 5 Things You Can Do:

  1. Save the Date & Buy a ticket to our “What If?” Gala & Auction
  2. Become a Table Host at our Gala
  3. Sign on as an Event Sponsor
  4. Donate goods, services, or gift certificates to our Gala


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